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Kingdom Come Wonder Woman 1:4 collectible statue
Kingdom Come Wonder Woman 1:4 collectible statue

Kingdom Come is one of the most epic novels ever. The super personal style Alex Ross applied to the characters turn them into their most powerful and inspiring versions.

Wonder Woman is in this novel a symbol of energy and leading, getting the role even of Superman, powerful, empowered and determided. So she is flying up to the sky with the sunrise rays played the liberty statue and her wings feathers, like a classic poster from mid 20th century.

For Wonder Woman me and the lead director of the collection, Joel Hendrickson also wanted to bring back part of the RetroFuturistic style of Art Deco to some parts such as helmet, wings and chest logo. Which was placed on an epoque that fits perfectly with the aim and aesthetic of the novel.

This is just the most special statue I've done till date, cause the rest of KC characters are up to come, in inspiring postures, with innovative but faithfull to Alex Ross art elements and creating pieces that any collector will hilight into their shelves.

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